Email Marketing For Authors

Email marketing is all the rage online. You’re on a list or two I’m sure. To what end do other aspire to gain your precious email address?

Permission based marketing. If you give me permission to email you I can legally email you as often as I like. Marketers keep that marketing within reason to avoid having their email list subscribers drop off all in the goal of gaining the trust of their audience by sharing free knowledge or resources online.

With the trust of the subscribers, email marketers will on occasion ask that you purchase their wares. In an author’s case that would be the author’s book. What content can an author offer? Insight, or a free short story or novella in exchange for an email address.

An email list can be worth thousands. It can make your business successful (and yes writing is a business). Will people buy your book immediately? No. But as you build your list and gain the long term trust of your audience you will see a monetary return.

Email marketing has one of the highest ROI (return on investments) in marketing.

Use the Power of the Free economy to build your email list by giving away a free ebook or short story to entice subscribers.

I currently use Mailchimp because it’s free. What email automation do you use? Or are you new to marketing?


Get 3 free ebooks!

free ebook



  1. I have not been good at using email marketing, and your post isn’t the first time I’ve been nudged. Sigh. I have trouble enough coming up with content for my blog; the thought of increasing my output gives me heart palpitations. I suppose it must be done. 😀

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