The Book of Cthulhu – Book Review

I picked this book up over the summer at Barns and Nobel. It was in the discount pile and I thought, hey this looks good. But I was wrong.

This book might be for you. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take a look at it. But I couldn’t get into it. I found myself getting bored. Many of the stories feel like they were written and then someone went back in an added some Cosmic Horror to them.

This is especially true of the first story, which is about stopping a world war, that happens anyways. Honestly I thought this story was the worst of the collection. There’s a ghost, then a girl swims out and becomes this tentacle monster and that somehow helps with the timeline. It tried to do a lot of stuff and none of it really worked for me.

I suggest reading the book preview of this one. If you like where it’s going spend your money. But defiantly read as much of the first story before you do. If you like the story, you’ll like the rest of the book.

The Book of Cthulhu by [Lockhart, Ross]


Note: A friend told me that I’m being harsh on this book because of how much I disliked the first story. Perhaps I’ll look into it again in a year or so and see if he’s right. Your thoughts?



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