Don’t Worry About Piracy

Piracy came up in my facebook feed the other day and I remembered an article I read that was about a study done by the EU in regards to piracy. The study basically said that piracy doesn’t hurt sales. People who are committing piracy were likely never going o buy the product they pirated.

What does that mean for writers?


Don’t worry about it. What can you do about it? Check websites every day and make sure your books are secure. Don’t waste your time.

Unless someone is making thousands of dollars of your work it’s not really worth perusing a recourse over this in my opinion.

I think I’d take piracy as a complement to be honest. It’s so good it’s worth stealing!

To each their own. Here’s a link to an article that was previously withheld by the EU.

Do you worry about piracy?



  1. Hi Richard,
    I’m not sure if you were referring to my post. I had an unusual experience with CreateSpace launching my paperback. To make this short, a third-party seller on Amazon was selling my book (used and new) before it was released from CreateSpace. He even had the ISDN and cover pages. It was my first experience and perhaps I raised the alarm when it wasn’t necessary. Everything is listed correctly now, but as you recommended, I am keeping a close watch.


      1. I didn’t mind if you were talking about my post. I did get upset and still can’t figure out how he got the information before it was released. Unless he hacked into CreateSpace’s or my computers, then he will have to purchase it first to resell and I will get the benefit.

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