Dark Screams: Volume Seven – Book Review

I read this having not read the other editions so I can’t compare it to other works. I received this as a gift.

The book contains 6 stories. Two of them stood out to me above the others.

James Renner’s “Monster Comes to Ashdown Forest” is a horror story about Winnie the Poo. Well, it’s about Christopher Robin. Still, the story is a surprise. I thought the premise sounded horrible but the execution was brilliant.

West Of Matamoros, North Of Hell By Brian Hodge. This story had gore but it wasn’t gratuitous. Parts of it reminded me of Clive Barkers early work.

Dark Screams: Volume Seven was enjoyable overall. It’ didn’t make me crazy excited or really scare me but it did entertain me. After looking at it on amazon I saw that a few people mentioned the book was one of the worst in the series so I may look into the rest of the series. I really like collections. A quality short story is a thing of beauty.

Dark Screams: Volume Seven by [Hodge, Brian, McCammon, Robert, Schweigart, Bill]


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