November Recap

November has been the worst month for this blog. Lowest traffic and lowest engagement.


Because I haven’t done much on it.

I started this month working on a novel and I got about half way through it. 50% of what I wanted to get done. I had an opportunity to invest in something in my personal life and spent a lot of my free time learning more about that and deciding if that was a good place to put my money. ( like money, I like investments, and honestly it was a good departure from writing as I was starting to push myself too hard). I’ve still been writing my 1500 words a day, but they’ve taken a different, less story driven, form.

What have I learned?

Well, I love writing and reading cosmic horror. So I’m going to keep doing that but I also want to start writing another genre. Possibly Scifi or Fantasy. Something that I can alternate in and out of. I’ve got 4 books plotted out in the horror genre and 3 of them are 25-50% written. 1 is fully written and awaiting editing.

So I think going into next year I’m set up to do much better, book wise than I did last year. 2017 has been a lot of testing and set up and figuring out what does and doesn’t work. As well as releasing Cabals of Blood.

This has been a ramble from your friend Richard Klu. December I’ll have a lot more content. (I read 6 books in November)


  1. If we judge each other by our blog traffic, then put me in line. I too spent more time working on my third book and editing my first for a revision launch. (see my latest post- ) I’m retired and have trouble keeping up. I don’t know how the ones that work, blog and write manuscripts too. Good luck with December.

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