Cabals of Blood by Richard Klu

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Richard klu

This is the rare book I actually dreamt about. A strange other worldly tale unfolding inside my sub-consciousness, wherein a set of cookie-cutter new-build houses were far from pristine inside. The people lured in were captured, devoured, transformed and used as breeding stock by some strange new creature – a mix of insects and plants. I’d been reading CABALS OF BLOOD right before bed, and suddenly I had this Lovecraftian nightmare in my head. Obviously then I have my own Lovecraft tale to write in the future.

As I’ve said numerous times elsewhere, I always prefer my Lovecraft not written by H.P. himself. And Richard Klu more than delivers the goods, given us a collection of tales which spin out a myths while being both accessible and compelling. Klu is proudly and loudly a disciple of Lovecraft, but what I really liked here wasn’t just the Mythos, but it was…

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