A Takeaway From the Career of Stephen King

King has published 54 novels. This figure includes seven under the pen name Richard Bachman. He has written nearly 200 short stories, most of which have been published in collections.

Why is that important? Because as an Indie author I can look at this and know that even the beloved Stephen King himself had to write a lot of books to reach the level of success he’s at. If he’d written Carrie and just sat back he’d have nothing.

I think 54 is a lot of books. But I think in my life time I can write that many too. I also think that if I can produce 54 decent books I should be able to make a living as a writer at some point in the process just from the sheer amount of experience and knowledge I will gain from doing it in self publishing.

No King is not self published. Yes he has movie deals. But he’s a good example of how quantity can lead to success. If someone says they don’t like a Stephen king book they usually have another book King wrote that they do like. As a writer that’s a powerful platform to have.

I think Stephen King is the Coke of Writing. Every book is just a variation on flavor.


  1. Good post Richard.. You are right when you say that quantity does matter. If one is dedicated to write that many books, obviously they will improve a lot. And this is such a timely post for me as I launched my self published Ebook “What I Learnt by writing 26 short stories in 7 days” on Amazon Kindle. I have written about it in my post :


    Please take a look.

    So, I am just 1 book old and many more to go!!


  2. I always compare it a bit to television shows. There is hardly any show on the planet that doesn’t have an episode that was just bad. And that’s understandable. But the longer running shows usually stay on the air because most of the episodes are cool. And I guess that is the same with writers and books. Every writer at some point in their careers will write a bad novel. But usually the quantity of books mean that a writer is doing something very right, and what better example is there then Stephen King 😊

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this piece of incredible success of the great author King Stephen!

    Love your blogs, cause it really helps to learn something progressive and important everytime.
    Stay blessed and bright Sir Richrad! 🍀📖🕯

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