Networking Helps You

I recently launched a book. It’s been out for about 2 weeks now. I’ve been utilizing Amazon PPC (pay per click ads) to get more exposure. The ads weren’t getting the amount clicks I wanted and as it so happened when talking to a few author friends I’ve made on Twitter they agreed that it was probably my cover.

One friend G.M. Danielson brought up cover art with me in a conversation after seeing the cover after I had made for my current project and offered to help me out.

Below is a cover that G.M Danielson created for me. I like this cover much better than the one I was previously using.

This whole experience shows the real power of networking and making friends in the writing industry online. People inherently like to help each other (I’m not telling you to go around asking people for free help) and when you form connections with people you never know when someones going to offer to help you. I’ve had other friends promote my work and offer me valuable advice. It’s all because of networking.

Cabals of Blood (amazon)


G. M. Danielson does voiceover work and has a popular youtube channel where he reads Horror Stories.

You can also find his work on G. M. Danielson on his Patreon page.





I especially enjoyed his reading of A Tell-Tale Heart


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  1. I agree, a cover can make or break a book. You are fortunate to have friends that will give you their opinion. My second book “What Did I Do?” has not been selling lately. I used the PPC and it helped at first, but sales had stagnated. Thanks for the advice, perhaps I need someone to look at the book and give me their opinion.

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