How to Increase Your Twitter Presence

POST. It’s a very simple task. Yet well wonder what do I post? How do I find something new to say a few times a day to interact with my followers or even just to advertise? Well if you want to increase your presence you shouldn’t be posting just a couple times per day. I stumbled on this method after listening to multiple YouTube videos about Twitter marketing.

Marketer after marketer said post 3-5 times a day. Some said to post as low as twice or as many as 10 times. It was immediately clear that there was no magical number. When you look at your twitter feed how much of it do you really take in? It’s not something like Facebook where you are going to see 10% of what’s posted if you check two or three times a day. Say you follow 1,000 people. They each post twice per day. How much of that are you going to see?

Almost none of it.

So really what is to stop you from posting once an hour? Try it. You will loose a few followers but then something magical will happen. You will see more interactions. In the end isn’t that what we all want?

Post more. Very simply post once every 15 minutes and see what happens.

Too much for you? Then do it once an hour.

How do I do this? You are probably wondering.

During the day think about what you want to say. Think about 100 things you want to say to your customers/followers/the world. Then take those 100 things and figure out 2-3 ways to say each one. Then you have your first 2-300 posts. Change the tags and repeatedly post them. If you see that you don’t get interactions between 10pm and 4am. Don’t post during those times. Conversely you competition is probably posting ALOT around 8 am. So I always like to post more during this time frame.

Doing this helped my company to increase Twitter conversion rate. Once you set it up it really only takes about 10 minutes a week to maintain it. I prefer to use services that do my posting for me. Apost: Twitter is a good one for your Android Phone. I also like Hootsuite. Especially since you can bulk upload posts.

Once I set this up I started seeing more traffic on my website, more engagement on my posts, and more growth on my account. It’s not spam if you say it right. It’s not spam, if it’s 80% stuff that helps people.

I’ve been posting less lately. I’m looking for a new tool for it and experimenting with different marking techniques. I’m always testing. Good marketers never stop testing.


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