The Alchemist – Book Review

I don’t generally review these kinds of books on my blog, but I’ve got a lot of motivational and success book I’ve read that I’m going to share because I think that they are good to know about and are helpful in general life and with finding success as a writer. Be that helping with motivation, marketing, or just mindset.

This book is simply written. So anyone can understand it. Reminds me of the Greatest Salesman in the world. The journey of a shepherd chasing his dreams of travel and discovering the life he deserves. This book if full of lessons. It reminded me a lot of The Greatest Salesman in the World. In my opinion they are almost the same book however I did enjoy The Greatest Salesman in the World more because I have a background in sales and management.

There are lessons that stand out in this book. The predominant being that-

“When one day is the same as the next it is because people fail to see that good things that life presents.”

The Baker decided to start a bakery for security because he could travel later in life. The shepherd decided to become a shepherd early in life because he could travel now. The main character known as “The Boy” chooses to be a shepherd.

Over arching theme, Nothing holds you back but you.

At some point, for most people, what people think others think about them becomes more important than what their destiny is.

“Everything in life has a price of some form.”

The merchant of glass and his want for things to remain the same because he is comfortable keeps him from achieving his goals. He come to believe that goals like going to mecha keep him going because they are dreams and not actual things he’s working towards. He sets back the boy. The boy continues to make changes to the shop to improve business.

“Pay attention to the caravan. They take many detours but they are always moving towards their destination.”

“Love is the language of the world that everyone understands.”

Try. Keep trying. The underlying theme. Keep on trying and moving forward. Make decisions that feel right.

Fear of failure keeps you from attempting/completing your master work.

The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. You will see and do more by trying and be happier than allowing yourself to be as just a simple shepherd.

Everyone on earth has a treasure that awaits them. This is generally only spoken of to children. Most people see the world as a threatening place so the world turns out to be a threatening place because that is what they expect.

“When you possess great treasures within you and tell others about them seldom are you believed.”

The Alchemist can turn lead to gold. But chooses to live in the desert. He does not value riches. He valued knowledge. Much of this books is about finding what you truly value. Riches is not the end goal in a monetary sense.

I did not enjoy this book but I can see why many people do. There are a lot of key point you can take away which I feel that I have outlined above. Mainly I found the book boring. This could partially have been because the audio version I listened to was read by someone who I believe thought they were reading to a child. That being said this would be a great book to be taught in schools to give young boys and girls an idea of how to find direction in their lives and strive towards what will make them happy.

I think this book is great for other authors to read because it’s all about motivation and finding success and happiness.


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