Authors Nothing is Luck

“They Got Lucky.”
You hear this a lot. You see this a lot. It’s a common way to seeing the world. This is a terrible way of seeing the world and a terrible way of viewing your work as a writer and your path to success.

Luck does not make a person successful. Being brave enough to take an opportunity when you are presented one, makes a person successful.

I’ve talked to every successful indie author I could get a hold of this summer. I’ve got a great article from 5 of them here. Not one person has claimed luck as a reason for their success. I read a lot of books about success and books that are about how companies were built. Not one was built on luck. Not one person claims luck once they have earned success (that I’ve seen or met).

What makes success?





You have to be consistent. You have to get up every day and tell yourself that you are going to be successful at what ever you are working on.

You have to test what you are doing to see if it’s getting you the results you want. If me posting on a Facebook group gets me 1 click to my website, I’m not going to post there, I’m going to post on another group where I get 10-50 clicks.

You have to be focused. You have to keep on track and with your plan and stay on the timelines you set. Why can some people write a book in every three months while others take three years? Focus and persistence.

You have to be persistent. You have to push and push and push until you force yourself into becoming a success.

It’s not comfortable, it’s not easy, it’s not the flip of a coin, it’s not luck. Success in anything is just a consistent application of hard, smart, work over time.

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