Author Interview Allen White

B01N47L205 I spoke with Allen White on twitter. We connected after Allen and I had tweeted to each other about Rick and Morty (a popular tv show). Funny how you can find people online. I recently read his ebook “The Call of the Harbinger” so, connecting the two, I asked for a quick interview. I have a link to the book review here and a transcript of the interview below.

You can follow Allen on twitter at @Allen_White_SF

What Inspired you to write the book?

I used to listen to a lot of Coast to Coast AM. I don’t remember the program exactly, but it was in late 2011, and they had been talking about ancient aliens and how the Mayans believed we’d lived through other cataclysmic events in our history. I got to thinking what if there was an ancient society of humans (possibly millions of years old) sent out a probe or a satellite that would preserve their memory and warn any future humans of their alien creators. I realize now that it’s a bit of a large concept for a novelette. Heh.

The story has elements of cosmic horror. Did you name it after call of Cthulhu?
This was actually my first work of short fiction. At the time, I’d heard of Cthulhu, but I was only indirectly influenced by Lovecraft’s work. It was only after, when I finally picked up a collection of his works that I saw the similarities. I was influenced by films like The Thing and Alien, so it’s no wonder those tropes ended up in my early work. Now, my stories have even more influence from Lovecraft, but I’d say it was purely accidental with this one.
This was your second book, correct? What we’re some challenges you faced with self publishing and how did you overcome them?
As far as challenges, the biggest one was formatting the damn ebook. Hahaha. I improved upon that in Sighted, but that first time was a chore because sometimes uploading to Kindle doesn’t behave like it should. It’s also a challenge to find people willing to read your book. For a long while (after the initial surge of downloads) it was a bit of a waiting game.
What drove your decision to use **** marks instead of chapters? I felt like it was done to make it all feel like one event opposed to a series of events.
I wanted to have scene breaks, because I didn’t want to break the flow of the story. I can see how that could be confusing to some readers, but in my mind this was meant to be a short read, and chapters are something I always associate with novels. I changed this view with Sighted of course.
What genres are you writing in and what genres do you plan on writing in in the future?
I write mostly in science fiction horror and cosmic horror, but I have been dabbling in some dark fantasy as of late and it’s been refreshing.
How many books do you read a month?
I try to read at least four, but life tends to get in the way. I will never be able to go into a book store without spending gobs of money. I think I have a problem.
What book taught you the most about writing?
I used to read a lot of those self editing books and what I found is the only thing that teaches you to be a better writer is to keep reading and writing. I guess it’s a bit like learning to ride a bike for the first time. A book might tell you how you might be able to ride that bike, but you don’t actually know until you get on and try to balance or work the pedals. You learn by doing, and growing as a person. At least that’s how I feel about it.
You can Find Call of the Harbringer here.
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