When the Stars are Right – Book Review

51S2DCaegtLI read this book on Amazon Kindle. It was writen by William Meikle. When The Starts are Right is a shorter book that only took 1 sitting to finish. The story itself is very scifi and Lovecraftian. It’s a work of futuristic cosmic horror. Those are the parts that the story does well.

Overall I did enjoy this book. I didn’t think that it lingured too long in places and after reading about half of it I actually started to like the way it was all told as a series of voice recordings set to a loved one. Teh characters are fairly well developed and while the writing wasn’t perfect it was above most self published works I skipped before I found it.

My one reservation with this book is that it immediatly feels like a prequil to Doom. SPOILERS AHEAD. The plot of doom is that hell is opened on Mars after scientists try to use a hell portal for power (unless I got my games mixed up. But I don’t think I did.) In this story they are using ghosts and demons for power. Then at the end they are setting up a trip to Mars to do more “hell fracking” (that’s what I’ll call it.)

That doesn’t bother me. The story has some ties into the Cthulhu mythos, mostly in the it’s mentioned, and the creatures that come out of the ‘hell fracking” are actually very Lovecraftian.

This is a good short read. I feel like most people would be able to finish it with only one sit down. This was refreshing as it wasn’t forcibly Lovecraftian (I’ve seen some writers try too hard) and my only problem, that it reminds me of Doom, seems acidental.


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