Finding ARC (Advanced Review Copy) Readers – What Are They? How Do I Get them?

As I get closer to launching my next book, Cabals of Blood, I realize that I haven’t put much focus into the launch week of the book. My initial plan was to contact bloggers in the month before launch but I almost over looked ARC (Advanced Review Copy)’s as an option.

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What are ARC’s (Advanced Review Copies)? They are copies of the book, usually given out for free, that an author gives away in exchange for reviews after launch. On Amazon the writer will send the book to each reader so that they have the book on their kindle and can leave a review. This benefits the writer in a number of ways:

  1. Advanced Review Copy Readers sometimes find flaws that editors miss.
  2. Reviews come in at or near launch giving you a base of reviews to drive initial sales.
  3. Generally ARC readers are enthusiastic about the writer or the subject matter.
  4. If there are any major story problems a ARC reader will likely bring it up.
  5. ARC readers can become loyal fans of your work and become part of an authors platform. They also can help spread your book by word of mouth, “I got an advanced copy of “Such and Such’s” work.
  6. Advance Review Copies can keep an author from launching bad book. if 9/10 copy receivers tell you there’s a fundamental flaw that makes the book bad you can fix it before launching and giving yourself a bad name.

The reader benefits a little less. They get:

  1. A free copy.
  2. Often times they get to receive more free copies.
  3. If they are a blogger, new or old, they generally will get free promotions from the author sharing their posts on social media or reblogging the reviews.

But how do you find people who want to read your advanced review copy  (ARC)? free ebookWell what I have seen everyone else doing is asking the 3 F’s. Friends, Family, Followers. Now when I say ask your friends and family, I mean, if they are interested in your writing, have read your books before, and they are avid readers, ask them. I think when asking friends and family you should always give them as many chances to say no as possible. Generally I would do this by phrasing it something to the effect of, “I’m looking for advanced review copy readers of my book right now. So if you know anyone who likes (subject matter) and would like a free book….” Then you are not directly asking them for a review. You are asking them for help. Asking followers is as simple as getting on social media and saying that you are giving away a free book to people who want to read it before it’s released. Hopefully you get some interested parties.

Making a blog page for people to sign up to be advanced review copy (ARC) readers works well too (from what I’ve heard. I’m trying it out now myself.). This gives any visitor to your site (reinforcing the need for platform building) the opportunity to help you market your book until you have enough advanced review copy readers.


If you are interested in Lovecraftian style horror / cosmic horror I have a collection coming out soon called Cabals of Blood that I am currently seeking ARC readers for. You can sign up to become an ARC reader and receive a free copy of the book on release as well as some shout outs on my media for your social media or blogs to thank you for being an ARC reader. If not. I hope this article helped you launch and sell more books.

Have a great day.

Click here to be an ARC reader.

If you are interested in reading some of my works you can find some here.




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