Author Spends The Night in Bathroom to Survive Irma, (Now Maria Looms) Now Raising Funds to Help Disaster Victims

Thoughts go out to all our friends in the Caribbean. They have another category 5 coming.

A friend of mine, Best Selling Horror/Scifi Author Angel Medina, lives in Puerto Rico and made it through the recent hurricane that passed by. I asked him if he could describe how that was to give others a good idea of the experience after he told me that he’d spent the night in the bathroom (for safety) because of the intensity of the storm. I have that description below.

I also have links below to his fundraising activities. Angel is going to be donating 75% the income from his ebook sales to help with hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. One of the major problems facing Puerto Rico and all areas affected by Irma is the massive amounts of flooding. You can see how Angel’s efforts are paying off on his website.

Angel describes the Hurricane –

“Going into the storm, the forecast looked very dire as the track of the storm was getting very close to the island of Puerto Rico where I reside. It was something I wanted to ignore but as the new forecast models kept coming in, it was something I had to accept. I told myself if this was going to happen there was a reason for it. I would have to be prepared to possibly suffer a huge setback in life and have to start over. To make the long story short I went to bed, but my nervous nature prevented me from getting much sleep the night before Irma would strike.

Image: A street is flooded as Hurricane Irma passes through Fajardo, Puerto Rico

The day of the hurricane did not start out too well as she grew from a Cat 4 Hurricane all the way up to a Cat 5 storm in less than three hours. We were possibly the bulls-eye of what was the strongest Hurricane since Hurricane Andrew. Hurricane force winds spanned out 50-60 miles from the center and tropical force storm winds spanned out over 175-185 miles from the center of the storm. Power was still on at 3 in the afternoon, at that point I had a little more confidence that maybe the storm would not be as bad. An hour later the lights went out and later in the evening the winds started to pick up. Irma was starting to show her true potential, the winds clocked in at about 80 mph and things got even scarier when I was forced to the bathroom of my house since the winds were so strong. I went to wash my face and found out the water was off as well. The worse possible scenario was playing out, I was stuck in my house with no light or water and no idea what was happening outside.

The next morning I was dead tired and barely had the energy to move. God had given me the ability to get up after the punishment and help my fellow neighbors. The light and water were still out. I had survived Irma and despite rain falling down for most of the day, here in Salinas, we were spared the worse of the storm. Trust me, this was one scary experience and one that I would not wish upon my worst enemy. I had no contact with social media still and when I did, it was very limited. I will say one thing, it was hot and it was a hard day just thinking about possibly another punishing night without the AC and water. Around noon time the water was turned back on. So I figured the electricity would be next to come back, but sadly it did not. Eventually later that night both the water and light came back, I would not have to experience another night of hell. I became a survivor of Hurricane Irma and this is an experience that will change me forever. 

While I’m grateful that I survived this ordeal, others in Puerto Rico were not as lucky especially in the northeast portion of the island. 10 people did not make it and those families will have to endure great pain for a long time coming. As a result, I decided that

I will make my bestseller status on Amazon work for others besides myself. From today until next week, I will donate 75% of my book sales to a local charity here in Puerto Rico and the other 25% will be to help myself, my aunt, and people who might need my help in my community.”

Angel is the writer of the best seller, Angel’s Nightmare Adventure and the author of The Thousand Years War.





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