3 Kindle Unlimited Book Reviews

I read a lot. I read usually a book or two a day. I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for this and I primarily read Horror and Fantasy. I read a variety of both. I just opted out of finished a silly book about a clown that’s not scary and experimented with a mermaid romance. Below are my 3 best picks from horror for June. Sometimes it’s hard to find good horror and honestly last month I read a lot more fantasy on Kindle Unlimited than I did horror.

Don’t Look Inside by Spike Black was a good little horror story. A few reviews exaggerate that you should be reading with the lights on or that it’s super scary but really a lot of that comes from gore. There’s a lot of this book that is descriptions of gore which when done well is tasteful and other times is a bit gratuitous. I enjoyed it. I would try another book by Spike Black before signing off of reading works by him. The Book Clocked in at 258 pages so it took a few days to get through and I honestly forgot parts of it because of the slow sections in the book. Spike did give a great effort in crafting a story that twists and turns and does to an extent keep the reader guessing. It needs a little more proof reading but I’ve never let that stop me from enjoying something before.  Here’s a link to Don’t Look Inside https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Look-Inside-Spike-Black-ebook/dp/B00R8QP8A6/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

The Pawn in the Portal: A Wyrd Short was downloaded thinking that it was a full ebook. It’s short. I should have finished reading the title I guess. This one was enjoyable. Nick Cole crafts a story ripe with philosophical discussion and gives a good twist at the end. This short was in the horror section of Kindle Unlimited but it didn’t really feel that horrific. The cover really screamed horror and really it’s the cover that got me reading this book. I don’t know if I will read more by Nick Cole but I do know this Kindle Unlimited short wasn’t a waste of time. It just kind of left in a weird place where I am not sure if I really want to go on reading more of it work. According to other reviewers apparently, Nick Cole’s other books are better but I am not sure if I’ll take a look. Your thoughts?

Here’s a link to Nick’s book https://www.amazon.com/Pawn-Portal-Wyrd-Short-Story-ebook/dp/B01EL0HMS2/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8


Dead Certain: A Novel was marked as the number 17th best seller on Kindle ebooks. I’m not going to lie. As you saw in the last post I star searches in horror and I sometimes find my way floating into other things. Dead Certain, I thought was a horror novel. It’s not. It’s more of a thriller with a couple very light moments of horror or perhaps just intense suspense. This story gets confusing at times because there’s a book that talks about characters who are named differently in the real world and the main character is trying to find her sisters killed. I finished this but it wasn’t very engaging. The book somehow ranked really well which is great for the author. I thought the characters were bland and I’m not sure if some mistakes in the formating were intentional or “for flavor”. The writer had to have done some great marketing to pull off getting the positioning he did on Kindle. The book almost falls apart halfway through the story. Maybe the trick is to buy 50 5 star reviews or have a really good reviewer network. I don’t know. But i do know I’m liking this book the less I write about it and it’s had a good week plus some to fester in my mind.  


Have you read these books?

Do you like them?

Have any Kindle Unlimited recommendations for me?

Leave it all in the comments.

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  1. Sorry, I read romance with my KU membership. I’m not much of a horror fan myself, but I do enjoy your blog. I’ve been seeing a lot of authors complaining lately about how people are able to cheat the system to get highly ranked on Amazon, and other sites.


    1. Yeah I know a few authors who have had a hard time keeping faith in KDP lately. Personally I am starting to see page reads pick up on unlimited and I feel like focusing on one sales platform is the way to go (at least for initial establishment).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I find a lot of new authors on KU, if I enjoy a book so much that I think I’ll want to read it again, I will buy it (and often other books in the same series if there are any) once I’m finished with it.


      2. My bookcases are already overloaded so that option is becoming less and less viable for me, lol. In an ideal world I would love to have a physical copy of all the books I love, but I’m afraid that I would need a library to store them all.


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