Should Authors Run Away From Kindle

I see a lot of people running away from Kindle as an author. I know it comes down to strategy and really getting out there as an author on as many platforms as you can. I’m on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and I blog and I wish I had time to do more to promote myself, my work, and create things that help other writers. I don’t know if focusing on multiple platforms is good or bad as a writer. It’s that double bladed sword. You have on one hand the ability to focus on one publishing platform and on the other hand you have the ability to try to be everywhere.

Say you chose kindle or nook. You can publish on that platform and focus on driving sales in that marketplace and ranking better for sales in that marketplace so you get more natural traffic from people searching for our kind of eBooks.

You also have the option of going into every platform and hoping for the best on each.

Personally, I think the idea of managing to have a book on more than 1 platform is exhausting. I think that only because if you take all the work you could put into getting reviews on other platforms and put that work into promoting just your one page you will have a foundation for launching off of just the one platform of sales. So you have an audience. You learned how to get that audience on whatever the main platform you chose and then you go into multiple platforms.

If you’re not doing this for an income or you really think your book is meant to be a 1 hit wonder overnight success story I think going into every publishing form all at once is a good way to find out if you are right.

I am all in on Kindle currently. If I was going to go all in and going wide spread and seeing how much I could make by selling on every platform available to me, I would spread a wide net and then slowly focus on growing one at a time. But whichever platform you really have more marking to do. A nook reader probably isn’t going to have heard of you if you’re only popular on Kindle.

That being said a tactic I’ve seen is when authors put their books everywhere and then seeing which does better first. Then focusing on growing sales on that platform. So If i post m book on nook and kindle and nook takes off I would focus on my nook sales. Or if Kindle took off I would focus on my kindle sales and maybe take my book off nook and drop it into Kindle unlimited.

Should you run away from kindle as an author? I think you should sell wherever you’re selling best and focus on that. It’s a money business. You gotta stay where your fans are.


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  1. Kindle has traditionally made up about 90% of my sales. With my latest novel, paperbacks were accounting for nearly 40% early on but it has settled back down to the usual patterns.
    I tend to focus on what sells and rarely put any effort into other sales channels. iBooks has a trickle of sales and Kobo is almost non existent.
    I think genre plays a large role in determining where your book fits. Certain demographics may prefer the physical book. I might have a push on iBooks at some point to see if I can kick start sales.

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