Kindle Unlimited Statistics

How many people actually use kindle unlimited?

Based on a study and some math does by Written Word Media there are roughly 2,488,000 Kindle Unlimited subscribers what this means for authors is that we have 2,488,000 potential reads in Kindle Unlimited.


There are 1.4 million eBooks on the kindle Unlimited book shelf and that gives you some idea of how many authors there are. Each kindle author has on average 4-5 books published. Let’s say they have 5 (some have 1 some have 20). Your looking at least 280,000 authors.  

12,440,000 average length novels read through KU subscriptions per month. The average length of a novel is 250 pages.

So each month 12,440,000 ebooks are read by 2,488,000 people meaning that each reader averages 5 books.

A kindle unlimited reader is more likely to leave a review based on statistics from a survey done by Written Word Media. Using this information I hope more writers are able to better decide if they are going to take part in the Kindle Unlimited program. I have a link to the full article here. It’s a very in-depth article that I recommend for any Kindle Author.


If you are working in a space I think it’s good to know the statistics of that space.


For more follow this link


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