What is Kindle Unlimited?

If you look around the internet you’re going to see a lot of love and also a lot of hate surrounding Kindle Unlimited. As an author, your books are available on Kindle Unlimited if you join the Kindle Select Program. Readers who use this program benefit from what is basically the Netflix or Amazon Prime of Books.

About $10.00 a month to download unlimited Kindle books that are in the KDP Select program.

Meaning that it’s exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. Not available on any other platform.

Amazon pays per page. Or KENPC is what Amazon calls it. You get paid based on the number of read pages. So the longer the book the money earnings you make. Also if someone reads 10 pages of 10 of your books that also equals 100 pages just as well as it would have if someone had read 1 of your 100-page books.

To sell on Kindle Unlimited you need to get your book selling and get some reviews. Just because it’s a free read does not guarantee reads. People buy based on the opinion of others.

As a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can have 10 books on “rent” at a time. It’s almost like the original netflix by mail. This is the number one complaint I hear about it. You never really own the books you are essentially renting the books you read. If you go through a lot of books this great but if you want to hold onto every book you read then this probably isn’t for you.

As an author, there is a danger in going down this path because you can potentially build up an income stream and lose it. If you have a Kindle Unlimited / Kindle Select book on any other platform you are kicked off Kindle Unlimited for at least a year. There are some horror stories I’ve seen online where authors lose thousands of dollars a month overnight.

Do you have Kindle Unlimited? Do you like Kindle Unlimited? Do you publish on unlimited? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I have KU, and I love it because it allows me to try new authors without having to spend a lot of money. If I really like a book, I will sometimes buy it after reading it on KU. I read a lot so the ten dollars a month is worth it to me, I just think of it as a huge digital library.


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