Why All The Love For Lovecraft?

If you are not new to my blog you’ve probably noticed a love for HP Lovecraft’s works. I’ve got more than a few articles about the Lovecraft mythos or the man himself posted already and there’s moire to come in the future.

I love Lovecraft because his work is of another world and voice. It’s got a hopelessness that I feel a connection to. His life was a sad story of a man who never broke free of the confines and fears of his own mind. In many ways fear created his greatest works.

His horror if you can call it that feel less horrific to me and vastly more imaginative. It speaks to the scared little boy with an imagination that runs wild within me.

These works fill me with a want to experience the strange mythical horrors locked beyond humanity’s reach.



I write cosmic horror myself. You can get a free Ebook Here.

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