I’m laying here in my own bed and this place seems like hell. I hear him scratching and digging in my walls and in my ceiling. He moves pitter patter seemingly all around me at once. Then he stops and the air is filled with silence, much like the rodent who was here before him. A simple trap extinguished him. Pure silence, calm and relaxing. It last until I am about to slip into the sweet land of dreams. Then the sounds return like a thunderstorm all around me. I roll and toss, I cannot escape. Looking to my clock, hours have passed. Soon I must awaken. Why this devil has come to plague me I will never know.

Night after night it happens, traps and poisons’ have little effect. During the daylight hours I check the traps and every day at least one is sprung. Yet there is no corpse. There should be a nice little corpse, when I lay to sleep I pray to find it when I awaken I rush to see it. Always nothing, as if they were tripped by a ghost.

The bastard has even begun to invade my dreams. I awaken at night to see a field mouse the size of a human standing on its hind legs next to my bed. Blood drools from under its left eye and its right eye hangs out of its head. Some of the beast’s internal organs hang out of its mouth as it leans over me. I attempt to move in vein. I am paralyzed. It crawls into bed on top of me, its tremendous weight slowly crushing me. I can feel my insides being pushed into my chest and both my eyes feel as though they are going to pop out of my skull. A dozen smaller mice appear around us in the bed as the rat drags his organs across my face. I suffocate in the blood oozing disgusting things. Then awaken weeping in pain. I brush the tears away and realize the sad truth. This devil is no ordinary rodent. It is the one I disposed of ten days ago; a mother back for her revenge.

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