This Man of Revolution

here lays a man upon a table, restrained by  leather, constricted by fate, and doomed by his words
words that held true meaning to all who heard them, words that spoke no lies
words that called all to action, as all would stand aside
all had heard, all had agreed but none spoke of it loudly
so on this day, the one who stood
and called
and raised his voice loudly
shall now be silenced
and all can watch and see
and all can feel the wrongs, the rights, and wonder in their ways
and all now see what happens to those who stand in front of power
smote by tyranny
and all then realize
if all do not stand proudly and yell for what is just
then we all will die slowly, like metal turned to rust
and all now agreed
our fate need not be in someone else’s hand
too late for this one man

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